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About RTMNU.info

We can see many students surfing about the internet for the information of their respective universities, however finding something different every-where and time. We seek to bring to you the information straight from the official website of Nagpur University so that you wouldn't find a lot of adversity and exasperation in order to ascertain your desired information. We will guide you the steps to scour out the information from the official website of RTMNU and it has become very much simple, provided the organisation and presentation of the website by its officials.

We'd also like to assure you that in no way or means are we directly related to the official website of RTMNU or Nagpur University. We are mere helpers or guiders to say and seek to help you, the students to find the matter you wish to find and without much trouble.

We have hence conducted our site by the division of main topics and information so that you can scroll through easily and find what you may be looking for without any worry or hair grabbing frustration. Just like 'Find the treasure' game you used to play when you were a child, remember? It's just the same only that we have given you the map.

About RTMNU/Nagpur University

RTMNU is one of the most reputed universities of India and not to mention, one of the earliest too. Its curricula is respected throughout the country and Nagpur University also has ties with universities abroad the country. This recognized university hence attracts students from all over the country and not just from Maharashtra.

As per described in the official website itself, the vision of this university is To be one of the foremost knowledge hubs with commitment to excellence, relevance, innovation and inclusion in education, research, extension and human development, generating globally competitive youth with national character and social commitment.

The university started back from 4th August, 1923 with only six affiliated colleges underneath and now about eight hundred and forty two are. Its colleges are spread over eleven campuses and area of three hundred and eighteen acres. 

It even has a song composed of its own. Impressive, right?

Courses and Programs

The college conducts Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters degree, Masters of Philosophy and then the grand one, PhD. D. And underneath them, are many of the degrees of whom you might perhaps have never even heard of! The variation and the variety of courses offered here at RTMNU are enough to baffle a person in choosing which course to pursue. It has a well reputed and distinguished faculty to kiddle the knowledge of its students with the help of these experienced personalities. 

There are courses offered in the following streams -

  • Science
  • Medicine
  • Arts/ Social Sciences
  • Ayurveda
  • Home Science
  • Education
  • Law
  • Engineering and Technology
Under these come several diplomas, certificate courses and degrees. To learn more about it you can go the the main website of Nagpur University and go under the 'Courses' section. You will get everything in details.

Explore our site for more information

We sincerely hope that our site will prove to be helpful to you as we seek to do the same, We will keep providing you with details and updates from the official site for your comfort and easy going for the search of information. You are students and wouldn't want to waste time in trifling over information-research so, here we are to do the job for you.
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