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In our previous article of Summer exam time table 2019 we've given some details regarding how to find time table of RTMNU for Summer 2019 exams along with the list of courses offer by Nagpur University.   This article is about RTMNU Arts stream time table list for summer exam held in 2019 April/May month.   Know about Arts branch subjects rtmnu time table.

Nagpur University RTMNU Summer Exam 2019

RTMNU allows its students to choose from a variety of subjects in the Arts Stream. Its faculty and quality of education in arts is renowned throughout the country. Being one of the earliest universities to introduce this stream into their curriculum, the university is a great place to study the artistic and humanitarian subjects.

As per the information is available on official website of RTMNU Nagpur University, we've listed the Faculty of Arts subjects of course.

RTMNU Faculty of Arts Course All Subjects

  • REVISED M.F.A. 2nd Sem(CBS)
  • B.A. 2nd Sem
  • B.F.A.SEM-II
  • M.A. 2nd SEM(CBCS)
  • M.Phil. Arts
  • M.A. 2nd Sem.(CBS)
  • M.A. 4th Sem.(CBS)
  • B.VOC.1ST, 2ND, 3RD, 4TH, 5TH & 6TH SEM
  • B.F.A- I, B.F.A-II, B. F.A- III & B.F.A FINAL YEAR
  • M.F.A. I & II
  • B.A. Part-1st Sem
  • Certificate Course
  • Higher Diploma in Oriental Learning ( Shastri Part-I) & Higher Diploma in Oriental Learning ( Shastri Part-II)
  • Higher Diploma in Oriental Learning ( Arabic)
  • Junior Diploma in Oriental Learning ( Arabic) & Senior Diploma in Oriental Learning ( Arabic)
  • M.F.A.1st SEM(CBCS)
  • Pre-Junior Diploma in Oriental Learning ( SANSKRIT) & Junior Diploma in Oriental Learning ( SanskritI)
  • Senior Diploma in Oriental Learning ( VISHARAD Part-I ) & Senior Diploma in Oriental Learning (VISHARAD Part-II)
  • B.A. Part-II
  • B.F.A.SEM-I
  • M.A.I st SEM (CBCS)
  • B.A. (Additional Subjects) (Viz.: B.A. Part-I, B.A. Part-II and B.A. Final)
  • B.A. Final
  • B.A. Part-I
  • M.A. Part – II
  • M.A. First Sem. (CBS)
  • M.A. Third Sem.(CBS)

Now since the summer examinations are ensuing closer and closer, you students must be wondering where to look for the time table. The time table was put up on the official website many months ago for the following so that the students could have an insight on the future and those who have not yet joined have a view on the academically set calendar. The arts students whose subjects are vast like psychology, philosophy and history can hence plan their learning according to the schedule scheduled. So here we have jotted down for you below the links and the courses for which the time table has been set and segregated on the official website.

RTMNU Bachelor of Arts (BA) Course

The BA course of RTMNU is vast and holds a set of subjects for building and developing the skills and perspective view of the world of its students. It is of three years and English is a compulsory subject. So here are the time table tabled in the links below ( PDF)-

BA Part I  
BA Part I : 1st Semester (Updated)
BA Part I : 2nd Semester (Updated)
BA Part II
BA Part I,II,III : Additional Subjects

Nagpur University Master of Arts (MA) Course

The MA course is a specialization/ post graduation course who's during is of 2 years and four semesters. In RTMNU, the students are given two choices or types of semesters for this course-


Its time table is as follows in the links to pdfs below -

MA 1st Semester (CBS)
MA 2nd Semester (CBS)
MA 3rd Semester (CBS)
MA 4th Semester (CBS)

CBCS or Choice Based Credit 

MA 1st Semester (CBCS)
MA 2nd Semester (CBCS)

Time table for further semesters may be uploaded afterwards on the official site. Currently they are not present.

RTMNU Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) Course

BFA deals with the study of History of art and Visual communication for the students to draw more effectively and hone their skills in fine arts. BFA course takes 4 years time to complete. Here is the time table for BFA (all four parts) in RTMNU -


Nagpur University Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Course

Forth the BFA level is the MFA degree. It deals with the further studies of BFA and those willing to specialize in Fine Arts at the post graduation level should opt for this degree. It is of 2 years time. Here is the time table for summer - 

MFA (Part I and II)

Nagpur University Bachelors of Vocation (B.Voc) Course

B.Voc is a special and unique 3 years degree course in RTMNU for those who are willing to specialize on their speaking skills and master vocation. It encompasses 6 semesters and their time table for this summer is -

B.Voc (All Semesters)

RTMNU Diploma in Oriental Learning Courses

There are three levels of Oriental learning in RTMNU -

  • Pre-Junior
  • Junior
  • Senior

It is a 2 years course each and here are the links to its time table and for the provided (on the site) subjects and courses respectively.

Pre- junior

Pre-junior Diploma (Sanskrit)


Jr. Diploma (Arabic)


Diploma (Sanskrit Visharad)
Diploma (Sanskrit Shastri)


Junior , Advanced Courses Languages Diploma

Nagpur University Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) Course

Its a 2 year course and involves research work and practice for those who are willing to pursue doctorate in philosophy in the future. One needs at least an Masters degree in arts to apply for this one. So here is the time table for summer for the present subjects at RTMNU -

M. Phil

Nagpur University RTMNU Summer Exam Time Table 2019

What if I do not get my desired arts time table for summer 2019 examination?

If you are looking for Art stream time table along with other faculty time table to download pdf format time table, then you need to visit official website where all such information is given.   The last time table of RTMNU was published for Winter exam held in 2016 and the results of Winter 2016 exam were declared on the website -    

For Summer session examination, time table is published on website -

You can select the "Summer 2019" from left column and then find the link of your course to download pdf format time table.

If that's what the case comes out to be then you need not worry. Either the official website will put it up later or it could be contacted from the department of the concerned subject or course.

For more information go to the official website of the time tables for summer, RTMNU.


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